Soothe & Smooth Aloe Blue Mask

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Calm & Soothe Irritated Skin

The effects of Aloe and Azulene soothe and reduce flare-ups and redness. Green tea extract is an antioxidant to combat redness. The refreshing essential oil of Lavender cools and refreshes the skin and the cool blue gel contains Sodium hyaluronate is added to lubricate and hydrate the skin.  may be used post-peel,  laser, or after extractions.

Soothe and reduce irritation, refreshes your skin for a radiant glow and made with lavender essential oils.

Pro Tip
Helps dramatically reduce redness; great for sunburnt skin.

Directions & Use
Use 2-3 times a week. After cleansing skin, apply all over the face and neck. Allow 10-15 minutes to set. Remove with a warm washcloth, then follow with toner and moisturizer.

2.0 fl oz (57g)

Safety & Ingredients

Safety: Avoid contact with eyes. Use only as directed, or as recommended by your skincare professional.

Full List of Ingredients

Made in the USA.

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