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Acne & Breakouts Starter Kit

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Daily Blemish Control
Fighting Clogged Pores + Blackheads
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From daily blemish control to fighting deep clogged pores, take control of your acne and help prevent breakouts, blackheads and blemishes.

1. Cleanse

Breakup Breakouts AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser
Wash with this exfoliator 1-2x daily, to loosen dead skin cells, help prevent your pores from clogging and accelerate your skin's natural renewal process for more clearer-looking skin.
8.0 fl oz, 236 mL
2. Tone

Clarifying Botanical Astringent
Cold Processed, this astringent is anti-septic, anti-inflammatory, and alcohol-free. Helps tone, balance and clarify your skin. With lavender, lemon and geranium essential oils.
8.0 fl oz, 236 mL
3. Manage Acne (Choose One)

Blemish Control Roller 
For Daily Blemish Control: Tuck it in your pocket, throw it in a backpack or just leave it in on your counter and apply as needed to absorb excess oil & reduce blemishes with antiseptic effects.
0.33 fl oz, 10 mL

- or -

Gly / Sal 5-2, Salicylic Pads 
Fight Clogged Pores & Blackheads: Unclogs pores, helps eliminate blackheads, whiteheads, blemishes while fighting acne with ultra-pure glycolic acid 5% & salicylic acid USP .2%. Helps remove bacteria that can irritate complexion and cause inflammation.
60 individual treatment pads

Looking for the Complete Routine?

Complete Kit for Acne

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Reviews & Feedback
Acne & Breakouts Starter Kit

Acne & Breakouts Starter Kit