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Meet Ellen L. Ehrlich, RN

President & Founder, Rxformula for Skin®


Rxformula was founded by Ellen Ehrlich RN, an international authority on skincare,  who offered Glycolic Acid for all skin types in simple, understandable and personalized options to the public.  Starting out as an Operating Room and Intensive Care Room Nurse, Ms. Ehrlich then served during wartime in Israel as a Nurse, tending to prisoners of war, before pioneering the field of Clinical Esthetics.

Bringing her years of experience and understanding in medicine and dermatology, Ms. Ehrlich then opened up the very first Doctor/Nurse Esthetics-Oriented Dermatological Practice in Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia; making it among one of the very first in the entire country.  Working as a Registered Nurse Clinician in Dermatology, she then introduced glycolic acid to skincare and today offers some of the highest available concentrations over-the-counter. With published articles in the field, Ms. Ehrlich’s research and product formulations are recognized throughout a number of countries throughout the world. 



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