Dry Skin - Causes + Treatments

Dry Skin - Causes + Treatments

Usually, people are not supposed to feel their skin — not unless they touch it, of course. When you can sense it, that usually means something is wrong. People with dry skin are all too familiar with that sensation, and everything that comes with it. They know the itching, the cracking, the flaking, the way that the skin feels tighter after contact with water. They see the pain or at least the irritation.

Thankfully, people can also learn how to take care of themselves. Here is some information on the common causes of dry skin, as well as a few ways to make it all better.

Dry or Dehydrated: What is the Difference?

Before we go into further detail, we should correct a common misconception: dry skin is not the same as dehydrated skin. The confusion between the two is understandable, mainly because the terms sound like synonyms. Both kinds of skin even appear the same on the surface: tight, itchy, flaky, and just plain uncomfortable.

With that said, the similarities are superficial — one might even say skin-deep. They are fundamentally different in a few ways. To start, dry skin is in dire need of natural oils and other lipids. Meanwhile, dehydrated skin is, as the name implies, the result of insufficient hydration. This illustrates that dehydrated skin can be treated and can go away. Dry skin is genetic, a constant undertone in the lives of those who have it.

This to the ultimate difference between them. Dry skin is a type of skin that one can be born with, whereas dehydrated skin is a skin condition that anyone can experience. It is possible to have both at once. When you look for ways to treat your skin, you need to know how to identify which problem you have. Otherwise, you might choose a treatment that is ineffective — or worse.

Potential Factors That Cause Dry Skin

Dry skin may be genetic, but it can also manifest as people get older, and their skin gets thinner. Various factors can also activate it or make it more of a problem. Here are a few of the more notable factors that anyone with dry skin should avoid or minimize.

Skin Conditions

A few dermal afflictions may have dry skin as a side effect or even as a defining aspect. Eczema is an example, as is psoriasis. A dermatologist will be able to tell you if this is the case. They can also prescribe medication and treatment as needed.


Hot weather and hot conditions can contribute to this dermal issue, and it can be even worse in colder climes and wintertime. These situations may seem like opposites. However, in both instances, humidity levels are too low for the comfort of your skin.

Too Much Water

In a cruel irony, spending a long time in the water does not help retain moisture in the skin. HOT showers, which add the extra exacerbating factor of exposing your entire dermis to high temperatures.

I realize that many of you are thinking, I love a hot shower or along hot bath. Try and control that desire, and you will see the difference it makes!

Tips for Soothing Dry Skin

Regardless of the reason for its presence and irritation, dry skin can be a pain in the neck — or wherever it tends to bother you.


People feel the dryness of their skin when their body fails to retain the right amount of moisture. Applying moisturizer can help with this. The term “moisturizer” refers to any product that can effectively seal the skin and keep it from losing water. They can take the form of oils, lotions, creams, ointments, and more. A dermatologist may be able to recommend something that would be particularly helpful.

Once you make your choice, you can then apply the moisturizer to the affected area. You may also wish to use some to other parts of your body, especially areas that have experienced dryness and irritation in the past. The moisturizer will reinforce the lipid barrier of the skin, which is responsible for most of the work in retaining water.

Changes in Habits

The issue of dry skin may seem out of your hands, even when it affects your hands. We did just state that it is genetic and that the weather can be a significant contributing factor. However, we would be remiss if we did not add that you can make a few changes beyond adding moisturizer and medicine to your routine.

One change that can help some people is to spend less time in the pool. Excessive exposure to chlorine can start to sting after a while. On that note, dry skin tends to feel worse after washing themselves. People with this skin type may feel much better if their showers are shorter and lukewarm, especially if they moisturize immediately after stepping out.

Covering the Skin

Some people cannot avoid conditions that are terrible to dry skin because of their jobs. Medical professionals and restaurant workers continuously wash their hands, while anyone who works outdoors receives regular exposure to all kinds of weather. Employees may want to interface with employers about obtaining support for this aspect of their health.

At the very least, they can try covering their skin as much as possible. People who regularly work with water, such as salon employees, can pick up the habit of wearing gloves. Outdoor laborers could wear clothes that keep summer heat and cold air out of their hands, arms, legs, and faces.

Having dry skin is rarely a fun time. It can drive people to bouts of angst and woe, especially when it is the result of forces beyond their control. Finding an effective treatment and keeping to a regimen can be tough, as well. However, success in these efforts may make life much easier. We all want to be comfortable in our skin.

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