How To Care for your Oily Skin

How To Care for your Oily Skin

Your skin needs hydration — otherwise, it will get dry and flaky in the sun or in the cold. The human body naturally hydrates the skin through the production of natural oils, known as sebum. The activity of your sebaceous gland helps keep your dermis healthy and happy.

However, just as there can be such a thing as not enough oil, there is also such a thing as too much of it. To stay at your healthiest, you need to find the middle ground. Here is some information on what to do when you have an oily nose, as well as oily skin in general.

What is Oily Skin?

Simply put, oily skin is when the sebaceous glands, for one reason or another, produce more oil than is necessary for dermal hydration. If your pores are larger than others on your face, that will only heighten the issue.

Without the right treatment, excessive sebum production may result in or exacerbate a variety of skin-related health issues. It can clog your pores, producing acne and blackheads. The clogged pores can increase pore size. Moreover, your skin will feel greasy and, for lack of a better term, gross. While oily skin often ages better than dry skin, you'll still need to take care of it the right way.

How to Tell If You Oily Skin

There are a few rather noticeable symptoms of oily skin, including an oily nose. As we just mentioned, your pores may be obviously larger in these areas than in others. The presence of blackheads, whiteheads, and acne is likewise indicative. One symptom we have not mentioned in other sections is that your skin will appear shinier. If the bridge of your nose seems to reflect the sun, you could have an issue with excessive sebum.

As for the cause of this overproduction? Genetics may be a factor — oily skin may just run in the family. Changes in hormones may result in a significant increase in oil production, as anyone who has experienced puberty would attest. Other potential factors are stress humidity and heat.

On a positive note, oily skin sometimes ages better than dry skin. If you use your sunscreen daily, you might end up grateful for oily skin! 

How to Care for Oily Skin

“Wash your face” may seem like a cliché, but doing so after waking up and before bedtime can work wonders for your skin. Rxformua's Break-up Break-outs is an alpha-beta cleanser developed for this type of skin. As part of this process, you can further improve your skin with our Hydrating Oil-free Lotion and toner.  To decrease the production and build-up of oil, Gyl-Sal Pads or glycolic acid pads will speed up the natural exfoliation and prevent additional breakouts.

Thankfully, with the right skincare products and practices, you can learn to love your skin. Great skin goes beyond your face. It's equally important to take care of every inch of your skin to look and feel your very best each day. Brush up on the best tips for organic personal care.

There is no need to feel frustrated over your skin. You just have to learn how to manage it with the right skincare products. If you have an oily nose, forehead, chin, or any other part of the dermis, Rx Formula can help out.  Our Hydrating Oil-free Lotion will not clog your pores or cause breakouts. We offer a massive assortment of products that can help you take care of this and many other skin problems. Visit us online today! 

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