Masks & Your Skin

Masks & Your Skin

A lot of patients have approached me over these past few months wanting to address their concerns over mask-related irritation.

Many of you are now experiencing the discomforts that can be caused by wearing a mask. If your skin is more sensitive, try avoiding masks that contain synthetic fibers like polyester and wool. These synthetic blends are treated with chemicals that can block the skin from breathing and cause irritation.

Before applying your mask, wash your hands and around your mouth; then (like always) apply your sunscreen. To help reduce friction between your skin and mask, try and oil-free moisturizer or makeup.

Your skin's natural barrier helps protect you against the elements, but the friction from wearing a mask can break down this barrier, so it's important to ensure your mask is always clean and your skincare routine is regular. For frontline workers, we recommend using unscented diaper lotion or zinc-oxide in areas you experience irritation from wearing a mask for extended periods of time.

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