Rxformula Experience Story: Sophie, 20

Rxformula Experience Story: Sophie, 20

Sophie's Rxformula Experience Story


With Rxformula,

I get high quality products like the Glyco Mild Gel Cleanser that freshens my skin morning and night. Before I head outside to work out, I always make sure to apply my SPF 30 moisturizer. This moisturizer is light and creamy and does not leave my skin feeling oily throughout the day.

I have seen amazing results with the Gentle & Effective Dermabrasion Cream. I love to use this product/scrub after a sweaty workout, leaving my skin feeling purified and radiant. The combination of these three products have produced remarkable results for me.  

They are a major part of my daily routine. My skin would not feel and look as healthy without them!


Sophie's Skincare Routine:

Daily Cleanser: Glyco Mild Gel Cleanser 7

to help leave my skin feeling fresh & clear


Advanced Defense Moisturizer

for daily sun protection during my workouts

Gentle & Effective Microdermabrasion Cream

for post-workout, to purify and cleanse my skin

Rxformula Gentle and Effective Microdermabrasion Cream




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