Summer v. Winter: Should I Change My Routine?

Summer v. Winter: Should I Change My Routine?

The short answer? Yes. Much like you change your wardrobe between summer and winter, your skin is exposed to the elements just like your body, so a proper routine based on the season is essential. 

Your skin will react in it's own way to changes in the environment, but you can take action to help keep it healthy, protected and clean.

My general advice to you is this: in the wintertime focus on staying hydrated. Applying your favorite moisturizer (even with oily skin) and drinking water daily helps reduce dull and dry skin. Try adding our Cloud Nine Mask for overnight hydration, our Mositure Magnets for bursts of hydration all-day long, or combine with our Glycolic Facial Cream.

As we transition into summer, sun protection should remain an staple part of your routine. You'll want to continue exfoliating regularly and we suggest an oil-free moisturizer. Exfoliating is extremely important during the summertime so you should continue using your glycolic products. Some of our recommended choices are Glycolic Oil-Free Pads, Glyco Mild Gel Cleanser, or our Oil-Free Lotion.

After cleansing, you'll want to follow-up with a toner, I personally use our Hydrating Mineral Ginseng Toner. If you're someone who is constantly active, sweaty or have acne, try our Botanical Astringent.

Keeping a simple routine, adjusting to changing factors in the environment and regular freeing-up your pores will be incredibly effective throughout the summertime.

Bonus: Create your on-the-go kit:

All you need is some Cotton Balls, a Plastic Bag and either our Clarifying Botanical Astringent or Hydrating Mineral Ginseng Toner.  

Dampen the cotton balls with the solution, zip them up and take it with you wherever you go: whether it's the to the gym, after being outside or any sweaty activity. It's an easy solution to help remove the sweat, bacteria and grime off your skin, just remember to reapply your sunscreen after.



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