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Complete Kit for Dry Skin

Complete Kit for Dry Skin

Reinvigorate dry skin with essential hydration for a softer and smoother look.

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Our Glycolic Moisturizers are available in different percent concentrations, the higher the number, the more Glycolic Acid is in the lotion.

If you're new to Glycolics, always start with 10%.
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  • Rebalancing Chamomile Cleanser

    Designed to clean your skin thoroughly, our Chamomile Cleanser is made with Vitamins A & E to provide moisture and help prevent dry, red irritations

  • Hydrating Mineral Ginseng Toner

    Our multi-functional hydrating toner enhances the skin’s natural repair process to revitalize, condition, hydrate and help soften your skin

  • Microdermabrasion Cream

    This crème gently and effectively exfoliates with micro-fine crystals that will not irritate your skin, revealing fresh skin cells and enhancing your skin's natural ability to regenerate

  • Moisture Magnets

    Hyaluronic Acid helps retain and pull water deep into your skin, keeping you tissue moist, while continual bursts of moisture throughout the day keep you hydrated even in the driest conditions

  • Your Choice: Glycolic Lotion

    Choose between 10% or 15% glycolic concentration

    Cosmetically elegant, this specially formulated moisturizer utilizes Glycolic Acid and Vitamin E to help achieve smoother and healthier skin tone and texture

  • Step-by-Step Directions

    Get started with your routine with simple step-by-step guides to learn about your new skincare and how to effectively use it.

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The Ultimate Rehydrating Kit

Our Complete Kit for Dry Skin includes everything you need for happier, healthier, and better-looking skin.

Plus, we'll auto-replenish your routine just before you run low - with fast, free shipping on all kits!

The Pumpkin Papaya Face Mask

Fall Favorite

Smooth, tone, and tighten skin with a combination of Pumpkin Seeds, Japanese Green Tea, and Avocado Oils for a rejuvinating experience.

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